5 NYC Afternoon Stroll Destinations

It is not news, of course, that walking is in fact healthy and that those who walk tend to be more calm, alert and happy than people who are inactive [ie. not walking]. Combat those afternoon office sleepies by taking a walk during your lunch hour. Many studies support that lunchtime strolls can almost immediately boost moods and the ability to handle common work time stressors. You work in possibly the greatest eye-candy environment there is – leave your desk and stir up some energy.

  • Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral 5th Avenue between 49th and 51st Streets. A double whammy – an impressive landmark destination for its architecture and the city’s most prominent Catholic church, unlikely neighbors, but great neighbors nonetheless.
  • New York Public Library and Bryant Park, between 40th and 42nd Streets, 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue. Who doesn’t love Bryant Park? It’s one of the city’s best public spaces for strolling, napping, sunbathing, people watching, table tennis, a wrap or a cup of joe. The renovated main branch of the NYPL has an excellent library shop, and offers you the joy of walking through its Reading Room, where – GASP! – you can take in the extraordinary sight of people reading!
  • Waldorf Astoria. 301 Park Avenue. Walk to it, then walk through it. If you start at the Yale Club next to Grand Central station and walk to Penn Station – you’ll replicate Nick Carraway’s walk from The Great Gatsby.
  • Greenacre Park. E. 51st Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. A hidden gem, Hideo Sasaki’s masterpiece of a pocket park features a little known 25-foot waterfall – Calgon take me away!
  • Times Square – the obvious departure from all reality and mega scene for people watching.

Start tomorrow by taking a stroll during lunch. Chances are you won’t even be missed! If you can’t fathom a non-working lunch hour, then grab an office mate and talk shop while walking to and around the short routes above. Don’t forget your kicks!